Class depends on people too

img_3421The featured image is a picture of the restaurant Tsjaikovski, one of the best restaurants in the old town of Tallinn (Europe, Estonia). It is also the breakfast room of Hotel Telegraaf, which is in the old buildings of the postal services of pre-worldwar Estonia. It is a very beautiful place, and I like to stay over in this classy and classic boutique hotel. Most of the times, breakfast is a joy. The sunlight gets into the room through the glass roof, and the buffet offers too much joy for a healthy diet.

Most of the times, the people in the room understand that they should be respectful and relatively quiet for the other people around. Most times. Like this morning. I enjoyed typing this post, while sipping a cup of coffee.

It has been different on rare occasions.

One time, a guy was listening to a concert recording on his phone. Pretty loud. A lot of people turned towards him – annoyed. But no one dared to step towards him and tell him to be quiet. Now, here is the good news. I have learned to politely ask to lower the volume. And it worked. He gave me a WTF look, shut his phone, and his girlfriend blushed and then said him something in a foreign language – but the body language was something like “see, I told you – do not dare to embarrass me again or you’ll have no great sex tonight”.

It is still weird that one has to do this. The guy did not have any clue that other people around were not waiting to hear him enjoy his friend’s recordings on facebook. And the others – although very annoyed – did not dare to step up to that one person in a room of twenty and ask him to be more respectful.

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