Some relaxing Sunday quiet

Little words are needed with this picture. A glass of wine on the terrace. Just enjoying the sunset and the great view after dinner. These relaxing moments are crucial to clear the mind, and be ready for another heavy working week. Without words. Without music. Without cars and other noises.

Some people consume quiet

It’s weird – and very disturbing – that my neighbor is totally uncapable of being silent. I was lucky today, because of the clouds and some chill wind. Otherwise he might have been on his terrace, talking to his wife and friends as if they were on the other side of their long yard.

I remember the first time I met him: “We chose this place because it is quiet.” I was happy he shared my passion, back then. The issue is, that he is not capable of respecting and giving quiet. He is only capable of consuming quiet.

When he is out in his garden or his terrace, he is always jabbering, jabbering, jabbering. Loud, and often without really saying something. It seems like saying nothing for some time, is making him nervous. Like he needs to fill all the silent gaps with some noise, to feel comfortable. While saying nothing very loud, is making other people nervous.

But anyway, today I was lucky to enjoy the quiet in my place.

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