E-driving to the office reduces engine noise harassment

Recently I started to take the other company car to drive to the office. I also prefer to use this little car to do the in-town shopping. For longer distances, the car is not heavy enough to enjoy a relaxed long ride. And there is always an issue with battery loading, of course. But for the small trips around the office and to my house, I even prefer this car to my bigger business car. It is super-fast, I only load it every other week, and it is super quiet.

I tried to make a little movie from the starting of the engine. I had to redo this movie a couple of times, because of the disturbing noise from the few combustion engine cars that passed by when I tried to record. And yes, the engine is on when you hear the little “bloing” after I switch on the car. And yes, the engine is on when I start driving backwards. This silence is so cool.

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