Mountains and hills block the valley noise

Have you ever been to Givet? It is a nice little French town close to the Belgian border in Europe. Givet has been the setting of a lot of historical battles around its citadel, which is still a nice example of the Louis XIV period Vauban military architecture. The citadel is worth a visit, if you happen to be around. And it also provided me with a great sound experiment.

VAIK_Givet - 1

Above is the map of the citadel of Givet. The featured image of this blogpost is taken in the direction of the yellow arrow – heading towards the town of Givet. The video and the pictures below are in the direction of the red arrow, and a bit to the left and right of it.


As you can see and hear, there is quite some traffic on a Sunday noon on the road alongside the river. It’s a typical 60ies valley concept: the roads and railroads are conceived along the river, which in the early days of last century provided a major transport means for the industrial revolution’s products and semi-finished goods.

The sound of the motorbikes and the cars echoes in the valley and can be clearly heard when you are standing on the edge of the mountain (or call it high hill, if you like). Now, if you move away from the edge of the mountain, you’ll notice the difference very rapidly. The green arrow is where I took this picture.


I deliberately added a view on the two exhausts of the nuclear power plant of Chooz, as a reference point. And now, there is almost nothing the hear.

Also within the Vauban trenches, and inside the citadel’s fortifications, it was nice and quiet. As it was on the back of the citadel (blue arrow):



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