Ruhe means “quiet” in German and on the Estonian shores

What better image to round up the Summer holidays, than a sunset. I took the picture last July, after a dinner in restaurant Ruhe, located in the north of Estonia (Europe), on the Estonian coast. Ruhe is German for “quiet”. It is also the name of a nice restaurant with a terrace offering a great view to the Baltic See. FYI – somewhere further north is Finland.

The restaurant is indeed in a very relaxing environment. The view is great and gives a zen feeling. The see is often very calm out there, so it the “flat” water shown in the picture is not exceptional for that area. Last winter I was there too, and I took similar picture – covered with snow at that time of the year, of course.

Only one little issue – but that most have been pretty exceptional. There was a wedding party in the yacht harbor nearby, and some camera crew was producing a video of the party. The noise of the drown they were using to make overview images, was not really appreciated by the restaurant guests. But hey, that is probably rather unusual for the people at Ruhe, so let’s not spoil the view for now. Enjoy the pictures.

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