Amsterdam has its quiet corners

In July I was in Amsterdam. I often travel via Schiphol airport nowadays and I appreciate the Dutch pragmatic business-first attitude. And if I can, I combine the flight departure with a couple of extra meetings with clients or business partners, so as to reduce my total travel time. Last time, I rented an apartment for two nights near Amsterdam’s old town. I had a meeting in a business center on the prestigious Herengracht with one of my business partners the next day. And I enjoyed to sleep over in Amsterdam.

The first evening, I walked through the old town of Amsterdam, and I noticed the crowds, the noise, the smells, the tourists, the pressure of a busy city center. But I also noticed that a couple of 100 meter away from the old town, there are very beautiful and much more quiet quarters in Amsterdam. The five story high adjacent houses block any noise from one block further, and because of the canal, the space between the houses is not large enough to amplify the street noise. I even noticed that many of the smaller boats on the canals are electric, so as to reduce their noise harassment to a minimum. Beautiful.

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