Miners Path for a relaxed biking trip

Some kilometers away from where I live, is an old railway track, that is now a biking and hiking path. The train that once drove down the Miners Path (in Dutch: Mijnwerkerspad) transported Flemish workers to the mines in Wallonia, before WWII, when a lot of Flemish workers went cross the regional border to work in the Belgian steel industry. Some years after the great war, the railroad was closed. Some decades ago, the railroad was converted into a public trail for bikers and hikers.

The trail has two major advantages. It offers a beautiful scenery, while crossing through fields and small woods. And it is (almost) flat. Unless you drive an e-bike, or you are practising for the Ronde Van Vlaanderen, the Flemish Ardennes are pretty heavy for unexperienced bikers. As little steam trains also did not favor steep tracks up and down when the railroad was constructed, this path cuts a straight (and almost horizontal !) line through the Flemish Ardennes.

That also means, that most of the time, you are biking far away from cars. And that means that it is very silent and quiet out there. On the rare road crossings, you immediately notice the difference in noise.

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