Silent airco helped me get through the hot Summer

We had a hot Summer this year in Belgium. And I was lucky that my landlord wanted to install an airco unit. I was even more lucky that my landlord wanted to install a silent airco. Thank you, Alain. The unit is already pretty silent in normal operating mode, but you can reduce the decibels even more. Sleep mode reduces the volume and the flow of air. Silent mode reduces the volume even more. I did avoid sleeping in the flow of air though. I put the system on during the day, so as to avoid the upper floor of the house from heating up. That way, the walls stored the cold and so I could avoid the system sweeping cold air into my sleeping room during the night.

I made a little recording of the normal operation mode, the sleep mode, and finally the silent mode. Recorded from within a meter from the unit – which is not the normal place to put your ears during the night 🙂

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