Where a small waterfall and a lot of trees damp the noise

Last Summer, I stayed in the Walloon Condroz area (Belgium, Europe) for the weekend. I had the time to take a long walk from Falmignoul towards Waulsort in the Maas river valley, and back up along a steep forrest trail to the Condroz plateau before returningto Falmignoul. It was a very nice walk. Because the satellite image does not show the relief of the area, I added a little scribble to show you where the trail mounts heavily.


Again, I tried to listen to the surrounding noise and understand its source. When walking alongside the river in the town of Waulsort, one can clearly hear the cars passing by at the other side of the valley. Tourists who docked their boat to the side of the river, also have the bad habit that they want to make sure you hear their music too. Annoying. Really. But do keep on walking. Because, as soon as you are going uphill and turn one corner, you are immediately surrounded by trees and the noise of a nice little waterfall.

I made a little recording near the waterfall to show you what I mean …

The trees and the steep hills damp any noise that is left from the valley behind you. And the waterfall adds a relaxing noise that erases all the cars and silly tourists from your hearing.

I can advise this path if you’re looking for a little weekend escape.

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