About me

Hi, I am Jan Lagast (alias Didier Chabanneau), 53, male, caucasian, happily divorced, two great daughters, running a business, living in Flanders (Belgium, Europe), enjoying business travel, hard work and happy customers. I have many passions, too many ideas, a restless personality, and a creative mind.

Making the planet a more silent place

Recently, I took a decision. I want to make the planet a more silent place. Sound is such a terrible burden for both human beings and animals. Sound is everywhere. 24/7, sounds go on and on and on. They interfere with our body functions, increase stress, and make us sick. Yet sound is a silenced burden. Unless we need ear protection, sound seems to be neglected as a source of pain and disease. Only cars and low flying planes get in the picture once and a while. But there is much more over-noise that causes trouble, and that over-noise is seldom talked about.

It’s also my responsibility

Some years ago, I took the responsibility to help defend a neighborhood against increasing traffic and sound-centric recreation. I discovered many people were suffering, but no body dared to speak up. Whoever did speak up, was immediately stigmatized as an anti-social person. Even by the mayor, who did not hesitate to use hard words in public media. We did accomplish minor changes, but because of my lack of a strong local network, and the neighbor’s overwhelming social fear of being bashed (or lose business from the town hall), left me standing alone against the money-making recreation business and the vote-collecting politicians.

After I moved to a different place, I got at rest. I took the time to redesign my place. Use the extra energy to increase the business and earn some money. And now, I feel it is time to start again. I feel it is time to do something about the overdose of sound and noise. Triggered by a neighbor and his chain-saw, I started creating my personal blog. Writing down my personal experiences helps me to get a better understanding of this broad domain. I do hope it also helps other people to not feel alone in their fight against sound-overdose. Already then, I will feel I will have helped a little bit.

Thank you very much for reading and following.